Kids are Smarter Outdoors

We are the county’s leading resource for active learning afterschool science education.  Join more than 1000 parents and educators for grades 2-10 who seek proven strategies and activities for giving our children the advantages of effective science understanding.


Recent research on kids and outdoor experiences

  • Science News Magazine -- APR. 2, 2016
    Your Mind on Microbes
    Bacteria may be changing our minds... alter the way the brain works, mental health and stress, new behavior, pro and prebiotic foods, research ongoing...
  • New York Times -- FEB. 21, 2016
    A Rising Call to Promote STEM Education and Cut Liberal Arts Funding
    ...growing number of elected officials who want to nudge students away from the humanities and toward more job-friendly subjects like electrical engineering.
  • Diverse Issues in Higher Education -- February 25, 2016
    Science Knowledge Gaps Evident in Kindergarten
    When children start kindergarten, sizable yet modifiable gaps in science knowledge already exist...., ... those disparities often deepen into significant achievement gaps by the end of eighth grade if they are not addressed during elementary school.
  • Nature, International Weekly Journal of Science -- Mar. 2015
    The Myopia Boom
    "...Based on epidemiological studies, Ian Morgan, a myopia* researcher..., estimates that children need to spend around three hours per day under light levels of at least 10,000 lux to be protected against myopia." * near-sightedness
  • USA Today -- July 9, 2015
    Stanford University study says spending time in nature benefits mental health